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Hi, my name is Jane Winston, and I am owner of Paws-itively Purr-fect In-Home Pet Sitting.  I live in Miami with my Irish Setter, Kirby, and my Cocker Spaniel, Kayle. I believe I have the greatest job on Earth. I mean how can you beat the day after day joy and enthusiasm with which I am greeted at the door?

So how was it that I was led to become a full-time pet sitting professional. After over 20 years as an Administrator at the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC, I fought my second battle with a life-threatening disease. Needless to say, this got my attention. I began to reassess my life. It occurred to me that life was too short to be cold.

Moving to Miami…

So, I sold my apartment, packed up all my belongings, and I moved to Miami (I had gone to the University of Miami years earlier and always knew that at some point I would move back). At first, I began looking for another professional position, but nothing seemed to be the right fit. Then one day my best friend, Sue, said, “Jane, you love animals and have such an affinity with them, why don’t you earn money pet sitting?”

Starting My Business…

Well I always had been the person who neighbors, friends, and family members had relied upon to watch their pets when they traveled, and I really enjoyed doing it; and I had been a veterinary assistant as well as a volunteer for the Humane Society. So I took her advice and in 1999 began pet sitting on a part-time basis and continued to do so for the next two years. Then my same friend, Sue, posed the question “Have you considered pet sitting full time?” So 14+ years ago, in 2001, I established my own 7-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year pet sitting service.

And That Brings Us To Today…

Paws-itively Purr-fect In-home Pet Sitting offers FIRST-CLASS SERVICE for your pets. If you are looking for an extremely reliable, dependable, and responsible Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company, you have found us! We are Bonded and Insured and are PET FIRST AID/CPR-CERTIFIED; and as a member of several Professional Pet Sitter Organizations including Pet Sitters International, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence, we are committed to adhering to the code of ethics pertaining to the pet sitting industry.

We provide individualized services–tailored to meet your pets’ needs–be it administering medications (oral, by injection, subcutaneous fluids) or ensuring your pet is fed their special diet. Our excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and our genuine love of animals ensures the happiness, safety, and well-being of your pets.

In addition to caring for your pets while you are on vacation or a business trip, we will bring in your mail/paper, close blinds, alter lights, and many other things to help your house look occupied. Also we will send you daily text messages or emails with photos or videos.

So–Call Us Today!

So if you have an upcoming business trip or vacation planned or simply want to stop rushing home in mid-day traffic to tend to your furry friend, call or email us. We’d love to meet you and your pets. You can relax knowing that we will care for them in a professional manner and will follow your instructions for their care. You will come home to a happy and healthy pet. And once you’ve used a pet sitter, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to get along without one before.

Call us today at 305-549-2083 or visit our website at Our Service Area includes:  Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, The Roads, Brickell, Silver Bluff, and Shenandoah. Pet sits are scheduled 7 days a week/365 days a year, including Holidays.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets!