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Why use a pet sitter instead of kenneling?

There are multiple advantages for using a pet sitter. Here are a few:

1.  When you kennel your pet, they get put in a cage, fed different food, might not get walked, do not have their bed or toys, and the surroundings are unfamiliar. Your pet, for good reason, experiences stress (not to mention exposure to illnesses). Oh, and then there’s the matter of having to take your pet to the kennel, and if you get home late on Saturday or Sunday night, having to wait until the next day to pick them up.

2.  In addition to lessening the stress your pet experiences, another important advantage of using a pet sitter is that your house appears occupied, thereby serving as a crime deterrent.

3.  When using a pet sitter, you’ll no longer need to impose on friends, family members, or neighbors (who sometimes forget or cancel at the last minute).

4.  But the most important reason to hire a pet sitter is that instead of remaining in a cage and getting little or no exercise, your pet will receive plenty of one-on-one care and exercise.

5.  Finally, and perhaps best of all, no matter what time of the day you return, your pet will be there to greet you–no need to pick them up.

What is Paws-itively Purr-fect’s service area?

We serve Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, The Roads, Brickell, Silver Bluff, and Shenandoah (see the map on the “Service Area” Page). Note:  If you live just outside of our service area, please contact us–we still might be able to accommodate you; or, if we are unable to do so, we might be able to refer you to another pet sitter in whom we trust to provide you with excellent service.

Do I bring my pets to Paws-itively Purr-fect for care?

No; as an alternative to the kennel–many owners are now choosing to keep their pets in less stressful surroundings–in their own home.


\Will Paws-itively Purr-fect clean up after my pets?

Will Paws-itively Purr-fect clean up after my pets?

Yes; we clean litter boxes and yards, and change cage paper, as needed.

Does Paws-itively Purr-fect administer medication to my pets?

Yes; we administer all necessary medications (orally, by injection, or subcutaneous fluids).

Does Paws-itively Purr-fect offer supplemental in-home services?

Yes; we will also water plants, bring in the mail and newspapers, alternate lights, and open and close draperies/shades so that your home appears occupied.

How often does Paws-itively Purr-fect visit my home while I’m away?

Since we charge by the visit, this is up to you. Please refer to the “Services and Fees” Page.

How much lead time does Paws-itively Purr-fect require when I book their services?

Last-minute emergencies do arise, and we will always do our best to fit you into our schedule. It is preferable, however, to contact us at least a week in advance of the first time you use our services (during the holidays, two to three weeks in advance). We book up quickly. 

What is Paws-itively Purr-fect’s cancellation policy?

We understand that “life happens” and are very understanding about cancellations. In all instances, we appreciate the earliest possible notice of a cancellation, especially during the holidays. At the present time, we do not charge a fee for last-minute cancellations.

What about references and recommendations?

A list of References is provided during our Initial Consultation. Also, some of our clients’ reviews appear on our “Testimonials” Page.

What are the rates for pet sitting?

Please visit our “Services and Fees” Page.

Are there any additional charges for holidays?

Yes; we charge a one-time $10 fee per day for all federal holidays, plus Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (See “Services and Fees” Page).  

May I use a credit card to pay the fees? What other forms of payment are accepted?

At the present time, we do not accept credit cards but plan to do so shortly. Presently, we accept only cash or checks.

How do I contact you?

Please visit our “Contact Us” Page or fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

I would like my pet sitter to contact me every day, either by phone, text, or email; is that possible?

Absolutely! We love sending updates, and pictures or videos–whenever the pet(s) cooperate, that is!