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How it Works


We at Paws-itively Purr-fect understand that finding the perfect pet sitter is nothing short of finding the proper babysitter or nanny for your first born (we certainly treat the process as such). Allow us to demystify the pet sitting process from start to finish. It’s simple really–the entire process begins the moment you contact us.


1. Initial Contact/Set a Meeting Time

The first time you speak with us at Paws-itively Purr-fect, we will ask you some basic questions (e.g., whether you reside within our service area, what type of service you are seeking). If it seems as if we are a good match, we will set up a time, at your convenience, to come to your home and meet you and your pets.

Time to Meet

2.  Meeting Your Pet Sitter/Getting Your Pet’s Profile

We begin by asking you some questions about your pet(s) and their needs. At this time, we find out about your pet’s personality, diet, and special needs; whether they are spayed/neutered; get your emergency contacts and vet information; and ask you for any special instructions or anything else of value that will help us in caring for your pets while you’re away.

Then you will show us the location of the food, water, litter box, extra litter, scooper, can openers, paper towels, cleaning products, broom, vacuum, cat toys, favorite hiding spots, etc. At this time you can provide your sitter with a set of keys* or arrange for another time closer to your departure date to do so. At this meet-and-greet you will also be provided with our standard service agreement for you to read and sign.


3.  Email Confirmation

In follow up to your meeting with your pet sitter, we will send you a confirmation email, detailing your upcoming reservation.


4. Daily Email Updates

Every day that you’re away, your pet sitter will email, text, or call you with an update. We will also send you photos or videos of your pets.


*Key Account

Many of our established clients, take advantage of our Key Account, whereby we keep possession of your key safely and securely. This allows us to take future reservations over the phone or via email and prevents you from having to pay the additional key pick up/drop off fees (see our “Services and Fees” Page).